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Kelley, Steffie & friends

Kelley, Steffie & friends

Kelley (1973-1974) This doll used the Steffie face sculpt from 1972. Only two Kelley dolls were ever made: Quick Curl Kelley, with peachy skin and red hair, and Yellowstone Kelley, with Malibu tan skin and red hair. Both dolls had brown eyes. A third "Kelley", though not technically named as such, was issued in 2009, as Pop Life Redhead. The design team at Mattel declared that for legal reasons they could not officially call the doll Kelley for trademark reasons, but she was conceptualized as a Kelley character doll.

Steffie (1972 only) This doll was available as Busy Steffie, Talking Busy Steffie, and Walk Lively Steffie. Though the character was discontinued after only a year, the face sculpt created for Steffie has been in use continuously ever since. The character is notable in that none of the three Steffie dolls featured the same eye color/hair color combination.

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Steffie Busy Holdin' Hands / 639GF
Steffie - Busy Holdin' Hand. 1972-73 This is a Vintage Mod Steffie with Holdin' Hands Doll. Her hai..
Steffie Busy with Holdin' Hands / 561GF
Steffie Busy - 1972 This is a Vintage Mod Steffie with Holdin' Hands Doll. Her hair has not been c..
Yellowstone Kelley - 1974 Such a beautiful doll with her red hair. She comes with  her clothin..
Yellowstone Kelley Original Outfit / YKGF
Yellowstone Kelley Original Outfit. Blouse and slacks with good elastic. EC...

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