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Convention Dolls & Memorabilia

Convention Dolls & Memorabilia

We try to attend most of the "Doll Conventions" throughout the year, and we travel all over the world to do it. It is here that we offer the "Convention Package" and other Convention items for sale. These items are from the following Conventions: Integrity Toys, Sybarite, Grant A Wish, National Barbie Convention, Kenvention, The Italian Doll Convention & IFDC.

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60th Sparkles Barbie / 19-FXD73
60th Sparkles Barbie Doll - Exclusive from the 2019 Paris Barbie Convention! This Barbie includes s..
Adaline King / 18-CGBH4
Adaline King Nude Doll - Exclusive from the 2018 Integrity Toys Convention "Luxe Life"..
Elyse Inspired Grandeur / 18-91454
Elyse Jolie™ Convention Doll - Inspired Grandeur - The 2018 Integrity Toys Convention: Luxe Life - E..
Elyse MALEFIQUE / 17-91429
Elyse Jolie Dressed Doll - Malefique -The Fashion Royalty® Collection -The 2017 Integrity Toys Conve..
Eugenia Subtle Affluence Fashion / 18-91449FS
Eugenia Perrin-Frost Fashion - Sublte Affluence - Exclusive from the 2018 Integrity Toys Connvention..
Film Noir Barbie AA / 06-J0979
Film Noir Barbie Doll - AA - Platinum Label - Convention Doll by Magia2000..
Giselle Perfectly Suited / 15-82063
Giselle Diefendorf - Perfectly Suited - LE600 - Exclusive from the 2015 Integrity Toys Convention "C..
Glitterazi Fashion / 18-88051
Glitterazi Fashion - 2018 THE INDUSTRY Style Lab: The Miss Behave Collection - LE450 Fashion only, ..
Graphic Content / 18-88045
Graphic Content Fashion - 2018 THE INDUSTRY Style Lab: The Miss Behave Collection - LE450 Fashion o..
Hallmark Ornament / 17-Ornament
Hallmark Keepsake Barbie Ornament - Shoe-Sational! - Exclusive from the 2017 National Barbie Convent..

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