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Vintage Midge Dolls were issued from 1963 to 1966
Vintage Midge Dolls came in various versions:
- Vintage Straight Leg Midge Doll (1963 to 1966)
- Vintage Wig Wardrobe Midge (1964)
- Vintage Bendable Leg Midge (1965)

Midge is Barbie's best friend. No Midge dolls were sold for the rest of the vintage years after the 1960s. In 2012 a Midge and Barbie 50th anniversary vintage repro Gift Set was produced.

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Midge Blonde / BBV-MM35
Midge - 1963 Straight leg.  Blonde hair and original coral lips. Nude doll on excellent body ..
Midge Brunette / BBV-4P1
MIDGE - 1963 Brunette SL with all original makeup, hair set and swimsuit. Great coral lips and bod..
Midge Brunette BL / GF33
Midge - 1965 Brunette hair with all original makeup, swimsuit, hairband, coral lips and bendable le..
Midge Japanese / GF53
Japanese Midge - 1964 She comes with her brunette wig and her Mint original swimsuit. She has been..
Midge Teeth / BBV-MM20
Midge  - 1963 Titian hair with hard to find teeth.  Very nice body with all toe and nail ..

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