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Fashion Royalty

Fashion Royalty

The High-end Fashion Doll line that every collector is talking about!

The Fashion Royalty line was conceived and created by designer Jason Wu in 2000 when he was living in Europe and from where he drew much of his inspiration for the line. The dolls celebrate the glamour and excitement of the fashion industry, bringing in a uniquely diverse collection to the fashion doll arena. With the help of the Integrity Toys design team, Jason was able to finally transform his concept into reality and after two years of strenuous planning, the FR® was finally born.

With a spectacular splash created by its introduction at Toy Fair 2001, the Fashion Royalty collection has redefined the industry’s quality standards and put new meaning into the expression “high fashion collectible doll.” From ultra-limited production numbers and the minute details of their couture-quality garments, to the drama and excitement of its intricately woven storyline, Fashion Royalty has made it's way into the collections of even the most discriminating doll collectors worldwide.

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Amelie Drawn to You / 17-Amelie
Amelie Dressed Doll - From the "Drawn to You" Giftset - Exclusive from the 2017 Integrity Toys Conve..
Ayumi Hauntingly Lovely / 17-82087
Ayumi Nakamura - Hauntingly Lovely - Close-Up Doll - This doll is $120 with a $40 deposit The Heirl..
Doll Case / 16-CC001
Fashion Doll Carrying Case - By Integrity Toys Lightweight and perfect to store your favorite dolls..
Elyse MALEFIQUE / 17-91429
Elyse Jolie Dressed Doll - Malefique -The Fashion Royalty® Collection -The 2017 Integrity Toys Conve..
Elyse Malefique / 17-91429ND
Elyse Jolie Nude Doll - Malefique -The Fashion Royalty® Collection -The 2017 Integrity Toys Conventi..
Eugenia Bite out of Life / 17-91428FS
Eugenia Fashion - Bite Out of Life - Exclusive from the 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fair..
Eugenia Bite Out of Life/ 17-91428ND
Eugenia Nude Doll - Bite Out of Life - Exclusive from the 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fa..
FR Monogram Shining Star / 13-93034
FR Monogram Doll - Shining Star - 2013 Convention Exclusive - Workshop Doll..
Giselle Wanderlust / 17-82094ND
Giselle Diefendorf Nude Doll - Wanderlust - The NU. FACE CollectionThe 2017 Integrity Toys Conventio..
Lilith Smoke & Mirrors Hose / 17-82074aHS
Black Hose - Lilith "Smoke & Mirrors" - IT Direct Exclusive!  ..

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