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Vintage Barbie Mod Fashions

Vintage Barbie Mod Fashions

These are fashions produced between 1967-1972.  This is the end of the 1600's for Barbie and the beginning of the Mod era with lots of neon colors and funky psychedelic fashions!  So much fun and my favorite era.

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All About Plaid / 3433-BG
All About Plaid - Barbie Fashion C/Pristine!  Just out of the package!..
All That Jazz / 1848-BG
All That Jazz - Barbie Fashion. Crispy Mint!..
Anti Freezers / 1464-M
Anti Freezers - Rare European version with 2 names. Warm Verpackt and Prime Pioggi. Complete/Mint...
Anti Freezers Scarf | 1464-5
Scarf - Anti Freezers - Barbie Mod..
Bermuda Holiday / 1810-0
Bermuda Holiday - C/NM/M..
Best Buy / 8680-0
Best Buy 8680 Vintage halter dress in Zig Zag print material. Comes with purple Pilgrims and pink ..
Best Buy / 8680-2
Best Buy 8680 - Barbie Fashion Halter dress with the material from Walk Lively Steffie with white t..
Blue Royalty / 1469-0
Blue Royalty - Barbie Fashion.  C/Mint..
Bouncy Flouncy / 1805-M
Bouncy Flouncy - Barbie Fashion - 1967 Just out of the package!  Complete/Pristine!..
Bridal Brocade / 3417-bg
Bridal Brocade - Barbie Mod Fashion - 1971-72 Just taken out of package!  C/Pristine!..

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