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Vintage Japanese Fashions

Vintage Japanese Fashions

Vintage Japanese fashions were made from 1959-1972.  They were made for Barbie, Francie and Skipper.

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Day Dress JE / 2616-BG-JE
Two Day Dresses - Japanese Barbie Fashion Magenta solid center and striped sleeves day dress with m..
Dress Coat and Dress JE / 2621-BG-JE
Dress Coat with Matching Jumper - Japanese Barbie Fashion Magenta longsleeved dress coat with match..
Enchanted Evening JE / 983R-BG-JE
Enchanted Evening JE - Barbie Fashion - 1960-63 The JE red version Pictured on pages 24 and 25 in t..
Japanese Fashion / 2620-0
Barbie Japanese Fashion - Magenta two piece long sleeved cotton suit with sprig of flowers on jacket..
Japanese Fashion / 2631
Japanese Fashion - Pictured on page 128 of the "Barbie In Japan" book. It is a red suit with white..
Japanese Silk Sheath / Pak-BG99
Japanese Silk Sheath - 1963-65 Red/orange typical silk sheath in Good Condition only. ..
On The Go JE / BG-JE-Pak57
On The Go - Barbie Japanese Pak Fashion JE - Yellow daisy flowered pattern with 4 gold buttons. Yel..
Red Flair JE / 939-BG-JE
Red Flair - Vintage Japanese Barbie Fashion - 1962-65 Cerise sleeveless flowered day dress with yel..
Silver Black Kimono JE / BG-JE-K3
Silver/Silvery Black Two Toned Kimono - Barbie Japanese Fashion Silver patterned Kimomo with livory..

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