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Vintage Barbie Fashions 800's & 900's

Vintage Barbie Fashions 800's & 900's

800-900 Fashions
There were 61 total 900 fashions produced for Barbie 1959-1964. Twenty two the first year, with three discontinued, the very hard to find "Roman Holiday", "Easter Parade" and "Gay Parisienne", which left 19 and then another 39 for a total of 61 fashions those first few  years. These fashions were the most common then any other year, and turn up frquently. Just think "Mad Men" style. As far as 800 fashions, there were 11 of those produced during those same years, with most being the travel and little theater fashions.

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After 5 -  Barbie Vintage Fashion. 1962-64 C/Mint..
American Airlines / 984GF
American Airlines  Stewardess - Vintage Barbie Fashion. 1961-64 C/Mint..
Apple Print Sheath / 917GF
Apple Print Sheath - Barbie Vintage Fashion. 1959-1960 "R" tagged. C/NM/Mint!..
Arabian Nights / 874GF
Arabian Knights - Barbie Fashion.1964 No booklet otherwise C/Mint..
Ballerina - Barbie Fashion. 1961-65 C/NM/Mint..
Barbie In Holland / 823GF
Barbie in Holland - Barbie Fashion - 1964 No booklet otherwise C/Mint...
Barbie In Japan / 821GF
Barbie In Japan - Barbie Vintage Fashion - 1964 Kimono and Obi on orignal card. Mint...
Barbie-Q / 962GF
Barbie-Q - Barbie Vintage Fashion. 1959-1962 C/Mint...
Brides Dream / 947GF
Brides Dream - Barbie Vintage Fashion. 1963-65 C/Mint On Card. ..
Busy Gal / 981GF
Busy Gal - Barbie Vintage Fashion. 1960-61 With navy open toe shoes. C/Mint.  ..

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