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Vintage Pak Fashions

Vintage Pak Fashions

Pak items were made in 1959 and continued past 1972.
Everybody loves them because they are mostly mix and match pieces and are fun to dress Barbie dolls with.  Some of the most sought after pieces are like items in a variation color such as "Best Bow"and "Cool Casuals"

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Best Bow / PakGF164
Best Bow - Barbie Pak Fashion. 1967 Red linen top with Ken's Time to Turn in bottom.  Mint...
Best Bow / PakGF165
Best Bow - Barbie Pak Fashion 1967 Red silk top and aqua bottom with white flowers. NM.  ..
Best Bow / PakGF166
Best Bow - Barbie Pak Fashion - 1967 Red twill cotton top with "On The Go" pak top material for ski..
Campus Belle Rose Silk / PakGF90
Campus Belle Fashion - Barbie Pak Fashion. 1963-64 Rose Colored Silk Shantung material.  Prist..
Cool Casuals / Pak-GF120
Pak Fashion - Cool Casuals. 1965-67 Barbie Junior Design material. Slacks only. VHTF and RARE! Mint..
Cool Casuals / PakGF-11
Cool Casuals - Barbie Pak. 1970 The material is from #1275 Francie "Hills". Midriff top with hip hu..
Cool Casuals / PakGF-6
Cool Casuals - Barbie Pak. 1970 1511 "Fashion Bouquet" Material. Midriff top with hip hugger pants ..
Cool It / Pak-GF2
Cool It -  Francie Fashion Pak . 1968 Yellow dress and black check trim and pockets. Mint dres..
Dressed Up  / PakGF38
Dressed Up - Vintage Barbie Pak Fashion. 1968 Golden Glory top with red orange satin bottom. Mint!..
Dressed Up / PakGF34
Dressed Up - Vintage Barbie Pak Fashion. 1968 Evening Gala top and red/orange taffeta bottom. Mint!..

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