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Bargain Basement

Bargain Basement

These dolls all have some kind of flaw and cannot go into their regular category. So, because of that we call them "Bargain Basement".  They are great for all the extra fashions that you have accumulated through the years. Put them on a "BB" and no one is the wiser!

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American Girl BB / BBV-BG-77
American Girl - 1966 Blonde Long hair - Lips have been touched up and blush added. Body is nude an..
Barbie Europe / BBV-BG-8588
Barbie Doll - Europe - 1974 #8588 This doll has a haircut, otherwise excellent condition.  ..
Bubble Cut / BBV-BG-105
Bubble Cut - 1961 Redhead with very pretty hair, nice #5 nude body and original red lips.  Ba..
Bubble Cut / BBV-BG-80
Bubble Cut- 1961 Redhead - She has big red lips and all original make up!  Her nail polish is ..
Casey / BBV-BG-182
Casey - 1967 Brunette short hair. Her hair has not been cut and there are no missing hair plugs. Bo..
Fashion Queen BB / BBV-BG-139
Fashion Queen - 1963 All original makeup with her blue hairband, red wig and some nail polish. ..
Francie  / BBV-108
Francie - 1970 With Pretty Growin Hair Original makeup, rosy cheeks, great lashes. She has her orig..
Francie / BBV-106
Malibu Francie - 1972  Blonde long hair and with original swimsuit. She has her original swims..
Francie / BBV-16
Francie Hair Happenin' - 1970 Beautiful blonde BL Francie with all original pink lips and wowers ro..
Francie / BBV-8
Francie - BL 1966 Francie Blonde with NO green anywhere.  Excellent condition body with knees..

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