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Hand Painted Number 1 Blonde

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Number 1 Blonde Hand-Painted – Vintage Barbie Doll

This is a Number One Blonde Hand Painted Barbie doll. She has her original swim suit and hoop earrings. The doll is gorgeous with some rosy cheeks, shiny hair and nice red lips. Her complexion is pink all over, which makes me think she was a prototype, plus her nipples have no point and are reinverted. Nice curly bangs with good nail and toe polish. She’s a stunning doll. There is no green or ever was.¬† You can see the brush strokes on her eyebrows¬† and her eyes are so different. She is a beauty and definitely a hand painted one of a kind number one. She comes with everything! Original liners, stand, booklet, shoes, sunglasses, NM box.