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Since 1987

Barbie is our True Passion

Grab a drink, relax and take a trip down memory lane while viewing all the beautiful Vintage Barbie dolls, fashions and accessories that you have ever seen in one place. Everything from the fabulous original 1959 Number One Barbie dolls to a left shoe to a particular outfit. We’ve got original structures and furniture, even vintage planes and automobiles for Barbie and her Family and Friends! We also carry newer (1973-2023) Barbie dolls, Integrity Dolls, Tonner Dolls, Sybarites, and other fantastic doll related items, such as magazines, catalogs and books. Pick out something that gives you goose bumps, place your order and when your package arrives, you’ll feel like it’s Christmas morning all over again….

If you’re just thinking about beginning a vintage collection, we suggest you buy one of our vintage booklets before you start, and begin by collecting your favorite outfit or perhaps one you always wished you had… We also have Barbie reference books for your education and I have written two books on Barbie which are available in our online store.

Want to see some of the dolls or talk to me in person at shows? Take a look at the show schedule and make your plans to attend.

For the latest information on all things Marl & B… sign up for our eNewsletter! You’ll get announcements of new dolls in stock, specials, sales and events, all emailed directly to your inbox… including ‘specials’ exclusively for Marl & B newsletter subscribers. If you collect Barbie, Tyler, Francie, Skipper, Ken, Vintage Barbie & fashions, Integrity dolls, MIZI, Sybarite… Marl & B may have what you want.

You, the customer are our number one priority and we care about you. We have a long list of loyal customers and we look forward to adding ‘YOU’ to that list! After all these years, we still love doing what we do best and that is making you, our customer, satisfied.

Marl Davidson

Since 1987

Where It All Began

I have been a doll dealer since 1987, that’s a long time, but I’m doing something I really love… bringing you, the collector, a Barbie doll that reminds you of a special moment in your childhood. I’m bringing back the “warm fuzzies” of past years and that’s why I love my job… My introduction to dolls was when I started collecting Madame Alexander for my daughter Kimee and then got introduced to the Cabbage Patch dolls. I thought they were so cute and I found myself in the middle of the craze. In the midst of all of that commotion, someone offered me a small, yet impressive Barbie collection. I had heard a great deal about Barbie and had a real good feeling about her. So, I bought the small collection of Barbies and the rest is history!

From that point on (1987) I became a doll dealer specializing in modern and vintage Barbie®. However in the last few years I have expanded my line to include new Tyler Wentworth, Integrity Toys, Dressmaker Details, Randall Craig, Sybarite and other modern fashion dolls which have been part of the recent fashion doll renaissance.

I am a collector as well as a dealer and my favorite dolls are Sybarites and Fashion Royalty. I say that these dolls are my favorites because each has their own charm and personality. However, if I could only have ONE doll in my collection, the doll I would pick would be a pristine #1 Brunette Barbie with bright red lips and pink skin.”

On top of my busy web site sales, I’ve produced an average of 15 Barbie Doll Shows a year around the USA for the last decade. I have written 2 books, ‘Barbie Doll Structures and Furniture’ and ‘Barbie Doll Collectors Handbook.’ I have appeared on Phil Donahue show, Prime Time, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and many others. I have written articles for Doll Reader, Barbie Bazaar, Haute Dolls, Millers Barbie Doll Magazine, Dolls, and a monthly column for Collecting Figurines. And was awarded the coveted “Barbie’s Best Friend Award” in 2009, the highest honor and equivalent to the “Oscar” in the Barbie World!!

Selling a Number One Barbie is the most exciting thing that can happen at a show. It’s not the money involved, it’s the way the customer reacts. It is just absolutely too great to see the look on someone’s face when they get this doll you know they have been dreaming about owning! The glow that comes from the brand new owner of a perfect Number One is something we only get to see a few times and it makes up for any bad days we might have.”

I must admit that I do shop the shows when I get a chance. Usually, I have a list of things my customers have asked for, but I also keep my eyes open for other special goodies. In an exceedingly exciting moment, I recently found ‘Glimmer Glamour’ – a Sears exclusive mod outfit, circa 1968! It is so rare, I never expected to see one!

Check out our Show Schedule and maybe I’ll see you there.

Marl Davidson

Marl has sold dolls for me, Marl looks after her customers and I truly recommend Marl when you want to sell your collection.


I've always been about quality over quantity, and my latest arrival is nothing short of the highest quality you can expect from Marl Davidson. I always know that for the price I'm paying I'm getting exactly what I want. In this case, it was a Vintage Mod Titian/ Venetian Red hair Twist 'N Turn Barbie from 1966. Of course she had to have an outfit to wear, so we selected All That Jazz, also in impeccable condition. Marl & B is the first place I go to for my rarer acquisitions. The dolls are, to quote her mantra, simply the best 🧡🎀


I do not know if you were the one to respond but I remember my first order with you in 1989 with only a paper list. You have always been so great to work with and I appreciate how kind you have always been. It was nice to meet face to face at the Barbie convention in Fort Lauderdale. Thank you for always being so great.

John Bowker

I had the honor and true pleasure of having the absolute best in the Vintage Barbie market sell off my late husband’s vast and extensive Vintage Barbie collection.Marl was so easy to work with. She negotiated a fair deal for both sides and her selling percentage is fair. She truly hustled and earned every dollar she made. Well worth it. Great investment.

Marl is Barbie she eats sleeps lives vintage Barbie. She is on top of current fair market value and commands top dollar. She is know in the doll community and when buying vintage Barbie people got to the best of the best Marl. Her accounting and record keeping is very thorough and detailed. Well broken out and easy to understand. Marl made the whole process seem seamless and easy. Marl was successful in liquidating approximately 250 Vintage Barbies fast and efficiently.

If you are selling vintage Barbie there is only one place to go Marl Davidson and If you would like to talk to me further about the Marl B experience Marl will gladly connect us. Willing to talk

Marl thanks for being a Barbie pink super star.

Bennett Mazor

Probably the most knowledgeable Barbie gal I know. Marl is the best!

Scott Gram

What can I say.. Marl has been the best Barbie dealer and Barbie friend for years!!! I used to help her do the MARL AND JOE shows and it was the best! If you want the best of Barbie and Friends dolls, Marl is who you go to.

Lu Patton

If you buy from Marl, you are guaranteed. One of the most beautiful #3 I have in my collection came from her shop WOWOWOWOWOWWO. 5 star seller!!!

Antonio Russo

Always high quality, beautiful dolls and clothing.

Kathy Chalker Stone


Jack Fincher

I’ve bought from Marl many times when she sold at doll shows. Always sooo pleased with her items. I always looked forward to her coming to New York because her items were great. And she’s also a very personable lady ❤️. I intend to buy from her again very soon.

Angela Dumaine Canari

Marl is a gem! Thank you!

Kikì Fleurì

Besides providing great customer service, Marl has a great collection of the dolls that people want. Marl is a treasure who offers us doll buyers treasures.

Julie Mattern

Excellent seller! Thanks Marl for the beautiful outfit.

Armel Rood
Marl & B
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