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“Grab a drink, relax and take a trip down memory lane while viewing all the beautiful Vintage Barbie dolls, fashions and accessories that you have ever seen in one place.” Marl Davidson

  • Sale!

    Barbie Lunar New Year

    Original price was: $65.00.Current price is: $45.00.
  • Sale!

    Pink Formal/ Tickled Pink Barbie 1681M

    Original price was: $395.00.Current price is: $295.00.
  • Sale!

    Japanese Francie Fashion

    Original price was: $1,995.00.Current price is: $1,695.00.
  • Sale!

    Waltz In Velvet Francie NRFB 1768MJ

    Original price was: $175.00.Current price is: $140.00.
  • Sale!

    Allan Doll SL MJ7

    Original price was: $145.00.Current price is: $95.00.
  • Sale!

    Sybarite Pins / 16-SybPins

    Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $15.00.
  • Sale!

    Clear Out Francie 1281M

    Original price was: $150.00.Current price is: $125.00.
  • Sale!

    Joyeux Print / 04-JOYEAUX

    Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $10.00.
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Let’s give Brooke and Marl Davidson a standing ovation. These two are rock stars for sure. If you have a vintage Barbie or Integrity doll collection there is no better team to sell it. They are amazing. They have blown me away with Wayne’s Barbie and Integrity collection. They are the experts. Easy to work with. The accounting is detailed. Marl you are my pink Flamingo Barbie doll fairy godmother. Bravo bravo Love you 😘 Now have a pear martini 🍸


I love all, every Barbie, some never seen b4. Love the Vintage Collection!

Debbie Roberts

I've always been about quality over quantity, and my latest arrival is nothing short of the highest quality you can expect from Marl Davidson. I always know that for the price I'm paying I'm getting exactly what I want. In this case, it was a Vintage Mod Titian/ Venetian Red hair Twist 'N Turn Barbie from 1966. Of course she had to have an outfit to wear, so we selected All That Jazz, also in impeccable condition. Marl & B is the first place I go to for my rarer acquisitions. The dolls are, to quote her mantra, simply the best 🧡🎀

Kara Blankinship

Marl always has fabulous dolls and clothing. She is the nicest person you could meet and so is her assistant Brooke. They will answer all your questions! Don’t be afraid to contact her as she usually has more merchandise than what is shown on her website because new items keep coming in. What I really appreciate is that her descriptions are accurate and convey exactly what condition the items are in. I highly recommend Marl & B!

Renee Clements Hollett

I just wanted to send one more note! You have no idea how much I love my new addition to my collection. I want you to know that I would only make a purchase of this magnitude from you. I know that for the price I’m paying I’m getting exactly what I want of the highest quality with no problems or issues.
You’re the first place I go for my more important acquisitions. Thank you so much!


OMG !!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!! I got the number 3 today !!!!! As Usual she exceeded my expectations FKN Gorgeous ✨?⭐️ Marl you with out a doubt have THE BEST Vintage Barbie ! Always Did ! Always Will ! ✨⭐️?✨


When my wife passed away and left me a whole bunch of dolls to take care of, I had no idea what to do. Fortunately, I knew about Marl & B from my wife’s association with them in the past. They offered to sell them for me on consignment, and so I packed them up and sent them off. They did all the work selling them, I just went about my business and cashed the checks when they came in.

I highly recommend Marl & B, I only wish they handled all these other dolls I still don’t know exactly what to do with!

Thank you, ladies!

Galen M

The BEST! Marl is knowledgeable, trustworthy and maintains the best inventory. It's always a pleasant experience shopping with Marl! Thank you!

Judy Rennick O'Connell

She is very honest. I have always been very pleased with my purchases and prices paid. Very, very trustworthy.

Erma Rhodes

I am a longtime Vintage Barbie collector, and have been a loyal customer of Marl & B since 1990. Marl herself is super friendly and personable, and is very passionate about her business, always provides great customer service, and offers the most beautiful dolls. She is very knowledgeable, and is a great resource, for buying or for selling Vintage and Newer Barbie products. She is loved by all of her customers. The Marl & B mantra and slogan, "Simply the Best" says it all!

JP Patrick

Great experience, has the best selection of Vintage Barbies. Marl is a doll!!

Maria Irastorza Sox

Very helpful and goes the extra mile. Always check her listings first.

Barbara Hamrick

Wonderful service and the most beautiful dolls. You will love whatever you purchase from Marl!!

Deborah Johnson

Marl only offers the best. You'll never regret anything you buy from Marl.

Ben Rankin

Grazie ? davvero bella e simpatica

Lucia Gatto

I have been a customer for several years. Shopping at Marl & B is always a fabulous experience- checking the website for my next treasure is always exciting…the dolls I’ve acquired are all exquisite, and I know they are all original and the real deal. Working with them is a wonderful experience, and I look forward to my next perfect find!
Thank you!

Charlie Stratton