Poppy Parker Decor Set


Poppy Parker Palm Springs Decor Set!

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Poppy Parker! Whether she just wants to lay back and relax in her posh accommodations in Palm Springs or wants to throw an impromptu cocktail party for some of her closest friends, our gal will be ready! With its sleek period-accurate inspired ultra-comfy, fully upholstered chaise, faux-wood side table, elegant fully operational LED-driven lamp, and other absolutely adorable miniature accessories, Poppy Parker and her friends will have the best pad in town! Designed and engineered by Alain Tremblay for Integrity Toys.

Designed to fit Poppy Parker and similar 12-inch/ 1:6 scale fashion dolls. One CR2032 cell-type battery is required, not included. DOLL NOT INCLUDED.


Fully upholstered retro sofa chair, with faux-wood finish/effect structure (approximately 4.5″ tall overall. Designed to fit 1:6 scale dolls and figures);
Side-table with faux-wood finish/effect;
Lamp with light-up feature*;
Printed area rug (approximately 9″ X 9″);
Two decorative pillows;
Two paper “magazine” accessories;
Picture frame with photo of Sergio Silva;
Certificate of authenticity.