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“Hi Barbie”

It was a PINK summer, full of Barbie more than ever! We started out at the National Barbie Convention in Orlando, FL near the Disney scene. There were 850 of us Barbie collectors all in one space having the best time ever. Room shopping comes in as #1 with collectors. After that, there’s a Welcome Night with a silent auction, then off to many wonderful workshops (How to make Barbie cocktails). A fabulous fashion show, a luncheon given by Mattel, a huge sales room to buy and sell Barbie that is open for a few hours every day and all-day Saturday, a couple of banquets, given by sponsors, and a charity auction which raised 48K for underprivileged kids. The best part of all this is seeing your friends that you haven’t seen for a year and having tons of fun with them. Money can’t buy that! It was a lovely week of fun and frolic with people from all over the world, as far as Australia and Japan.

The “Barbie Movie,” well, that’s another story because you can’t go anywhere without seeing PINK-PINK-PINK!!! It’s everywhere even in toilet brushes which I’m sorry to see. I know because I now own one and a Barbie cell phone cover, several purses, wallets, shirts and tons of jewelry, and I’m loving every moment! This movie has taken in over $1,033,000,000.00 and that’s so far. It’s a fun movie with a deeper plot. I’ll be going for the second time this Friday and Brooke has already seen it twice.

This month and last, I have been interviewed by six magazines, newspapers and online articles all about Barbie of course, and it’s been such a positive and delightful time in my life. Through all of this, I’ve done dozens of appraisals and helped many people wanting to sell their Barbies.

All I can say now is “THINK PINK”! I have a feeling Barbie is going to continue to remain bigger than ever!

Barbie Hugs,