Number 5 Blonde MIB MB87


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Number 5  Blonde – 1961

This is a Number 5 Blonde with thick yellow hair. Her hair hasn’t been cut and there are no missing hair plugs. She has her original top and bottom band with fragments of rubber band on the bottom along with red original lips and rosy cheeks. There is no green, pricks, chews or neck splits. Her joints are all tight. Her hair is long with full original curly ponytail and thick bangs. All nail and toe polish are there. She comes in her original zebra swimsuit and is lovely. Not only that, but she has her original “R” NM/M box that says PONYTAIL #850 on it along with her booklet, shoes, sunglasses, original LINER and part of her wrist tag! This #5 is just a fabulous collector piece. MIB.